2018 04 15 Extensive Reading for Young Learners

In this workshop, Chiyuki Yanase will discuss how to facilitate and set up an effective Extensive Reading program for young learners using graded readers as well as picture books within various institutional contexts from small classrooms to large ones. Then, she will invite participants to experience interactive shared reading as well as a number of different activities using graded readers from the Extensive Reading library of her school. It is hoped that participants will be encouraged to set up a reading library in their classes to develop their students’ literacy skills and joy of reading.

Start registration 1:30pm

Workshop start 2pm

Finishes around 4pm

Chiyuki Yanase is a language school owner and a lecturer at several universities in Tokyo. She has been teaching English for young learners for over 20 years and holds an MSc in TEYL from Aston University. Her research interests focus on collaborative learning and the literacy development of young learners. She has presented at numerous conferences, and published several articles on team-teaching, learner autonomy, and collaborative learning.




Sanae’s school – English Time near Kita-yono station (next station to Omiya)


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